The SUPER plant for teeth

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You’ve seen from the last video how important nutrition is for your teeth.  And in this video Doug will introduce you to the most important herb you’ll need for re-rejuvenating enamel, teeth, and bones.

The plant is called “Horsetail”.  There are many varieties of Horsetail, and the specific Latin name you need to know is Equisetum hymale.

Watch the video, get a feel for the quality of information Doug has, and then click on the button below to buy the complete DVD “Alternatives To Dentists”.

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DVD shows you how to Be Your Own Dentist

In the complete DVD, Doug Simons will teach you about herbs and these amazing techniques that are simple, easy, and highly effective:

  • How to truly clean you teeth
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  • How to treat abscessed teeth
  • How to reverse gum disease
  • Information on root canals
  • Fluoride, is it good or bad?